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But I don't have any props!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

In Iyengar yoga, we often use pieces of equipment, called props, to facilitate getting into or staying in a pose. Iyengar yoga studios provide a wide variety of props that you can use during class. But what about at home? Well... No props? No problem! Use what you have to hand. Below are some ideas for using items you already have around the house as improvised props for your yoga practice.


Well, this one is easy. You can use blankets from your bed. Or, you can use large towels. Or a shawl. You might have to fold them differently or use a different number than you would traditional yoga blankets. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Here's an example below. On the right are four traditional yoga blankets. On the left are two household blankets and a shawl. The height is about the same.


In place of traditional wooden blocks, you can use large books, small stools, upside-down plant pots, anything that is firm and stable. Again, you’ll have to figure out what gives you the right height and support.

A few examples are shown below. Traditional wooden yoga blocks are shown on the right. On the left are other items that you can use: big, thick dictionaries; an upturned wastepaper basket; and a plastic bin (no need to empty it!).

Sometimes, what you use doesn't have to be as firm or stable as a wooden block, as you'll see in the example below, using stacked tissue boxes. This wouldn't work for Ardha Chandrasana, but it would be fine for Uttanasana.


A rolled up or folded blanket, quilt, mat or towel, or some combination of these can give you a very usable bolster. Even a roll of paper towels wrapped in a towel or blanket can be put to use.

In our example below, you can see a traditional bolster on the left and our improvised bolster on the right. We simply rolled up a couple of blankets.