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Achieve Balance and Flexibility with Iyengar Yoga

Leg Stretch

General  Class

Monday 6:00 PM (hybrid online + in-studio)

Asana and Pranayama classes taught in the Iyengar method. Inversions such as headstand, shoulder stand, handstand and elbow balance are covered and alternatives are given for those not doing inversions.


This class is best suited for students with some yoga experience and are interested in deepening their understanding of yoga.

Yoga is something that happens as a result of reflection and right action.  The aim is for students to find joy and longevity in their yoga practice.  To discover a sense of wholeness and peace.

Our goal is to offer yoga classes and workshops for any age and ability.  Poses are are easily modified to ensure students receive the benefit of the asana and feel supported throughout their yoga journey.  Contact us to find out more.

In-studio classes  are at our shared studio space at 745 Mount Pleasant Road Room 203, Toronto. Learn more here.

Our Vision of Integration and Union

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