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Read Yourself - By Geetaji Iyengar

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

For beginners, doing the shape of the asana, concentrating, and developing some self-awareness is fundamental. However, how to move forward and through the intermediate stage is difficult. A famous Prashantism is we are human-doings not human beings. In his classes he asks what is the point of asana if all you do is do, do, do, and then die. As students we need to feel we can do an asana. If an asana is not readily available, we often make excuses and give up. However, if you learn to read yourself and reflect versus reacting you are doing Yoga. This is self-development and self-exploration, the objective in yoga.

When practicing this recording of a forward bend class by Geetaji on November 11th, 2011, I was inspired by her ability to teach transcendence. From doing an asana to reading your own body, breath, and mind in an asana. Teaching how to do any asana is easy. teaching how to be in an asana is a skill that this recording by Geetaji touches. With Abhijata's permission enjoy this class.

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