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Questions about Taking Classes Online

I’ve never used Zoom before. Help! 

Check out the step-by-step guide in our blog.

When should I connect for the class?

The ‘waiting room’ will be open 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the class.  This is your opportunity to check your audio and video connections and your yoga setup.  You should connect early to give yourself time to do this before the class starts. Please ensure your microphone is muted at all times. If you need to communicate with the teacher, you may temporarily unmute (remember to remute afterwards!).

Where can I find the Zoom link for the class?

The Zoom link was included in the confirmation email you received after booking the class.  Alternatively, you can find the link in the ‘My Bookings’ section of your Yoga Toronto 196 account:

  • Log into your Yoga Toronto 196 account.

  • Click on the down arrow to the left of the ‘get in touch’ button at the top right corner.

  • Click on ‘My Bookings’ in the drop-down menu.

  • Click on the down arrow beside the appropriate class.

  • Click on the ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ link.


Tip: Getting the link from ‘My Bookings’ is often easier than finding the right email in your inbox.

How should I set up for an online class?

Yoga equipment:


  • You should have the following equipment:

  • A yoga mat (or two mats set up one perpendicular to the other in a cross or T formation)

  • Blankets (3-4)

  • A belt/strap

  • Two blocks/bricks

  • A bolster

  • A folding chair

  • A bare wall


Note that much of this equipment can be improvised if you do not have actual yoga equipment (check out our blog post on this very topic!).


Computer/web camera setup:


You should set up your web camera so that the teacher can see your entire body and yoga setup.  If two people are taking the class, the teacher needs to see you both.  You can verify the teacher’s view by clicking on ‘check audio’ before the class starts.  This takes you to the settings area where you can do a test of the audio (can you hear? can people hear you?) and of the video (what does the teacher see?).  Adjust your equipment or computer/web camera position or lighting as needed.


You should use a screen that is sufficiently large for you to see the teacher and any demonstrations clearly.


Ensure you are in ‘speaker view’ in Zoom (icon in the top right corner of the screen).

Ensure your microphone is muted.

My image does not show up on Zoom, only my name in a black box.  What should I do?

Ensure you ‘join with video’ when you connect to Zoom.  There is also a small icon at the bottom left of the screen that will turn video on or off when you click it.

How do I communicate with the teacher?

There are two ways to communicate with the teacher:

  • Use the ‘private chat’ function to communicate with the teacher confidentially (only the teacher will see your message).

  • Unmute your microphone and speak (all participants will hear you).

I have an injury or a limitation.  Can I still do the class?

Please advise the teacher of any conditions which affect your ability to participate in the class.  The teacher will be able to suggest modifications or additional equipment to facilitate your practice.  Above all, understand your limitations and keep yourself safe.  Never hesitate to seek the teacher’s counsel or to move into a resting/ restorative Asana.

I have missed the start of the class.  Can I still participate?

Late arrivals can be very disruptive for the teacher and the other participants.  Depending on how far the class has progressed, the teacher may decline your request to participate.

I cannot stay for the full class.  What should I do?

Please inform the teacher prior to the start of the class that you will need to finish early.  The teacher will advise you to move into a quiet practice a few minutes before you need to leave.  At a minimum, you should do Savasana for a few minutes before you need to leave.  Please leave quietly.

I still have questions; what can I do?

Please contact us directly using the information in the contact section.  We would be pleased to try and address your questions.

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